‘Fox And Friends’ Asks ‘Do You Even Care’ That Trump Reportedly Tried To Fire Robert Mueller

After the New York Times broke news that Donald Trump reportedly tried to fire special counsel Robert Mueller last June, but only relented after advisors threatened to quit, the talking heads at Fox News reacted accordingly. Which is to say: denial, acceptance, and ambivalence — if Sean Hannity’s incredible on-air about-face is any indication. Likewise, while discussing the story on Fox and Friends on Friday morning, hosts Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt were decidedly blasé regarding the bombshell.

Holding up a copy of this morning’s paper, Doocy remarked, “Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the cover of the New York Times, there’s a big story that apparently, the President of the United States, last June, wanted to fire Robert Mueller because the president felt that he had a bunch of conflicts of interest, could not adequately be the special counsel.” Guest host Pete Hegseth then turned to a clip of Trump calling the story “fake news,” and a “typical New York Times fake story,” predictably.

“Alright, well the president says it’s fake news,” commented Airhardt. “It happened last June, it’s something we have to tell you about because it is a headline in the New York Times — what do you think about that, do you even care?” Fox News is clearly hitting peak Fox News in the wake of this mess.