Fox Business Forgot A Very Important Detail In Their Super Bowl Report

Just when you thought Fox Business couldn’t get any more entertaining, now it seems the Super Bowl is losing attendance at an alarming rate. The Fox News financial show cites a “new report” claiming “The NFL is already preparing for record low attendance at the Super Bowl next month.” There’s just one glaring, football player-sized problem with their argument.

MacDonald tried to trace recent Super Bowl attendance trends to the popularity of the teams playing, claiming six-figure attendance four years ago was due to the Green Bay Packers’ and Pittsburgh Steelers’ involvement. She then projected the popularity of teams in the running for this year’s Super Bowl, and how that might affect attendance. Here’s the thing, though: only one number factors into Super Bowl attendance statistics, and that number is STADIUM CAPACITY. (Via Deadspin)

Not all football stadiums are created equal, Fox Business. If the next Super Bowl were held in the stadium used for the annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, then your report would probably be valid. Or not, since puppies are the best.

(Via Fox Business and Deadspin)