Geraldo Rivera Won’t Tolerate Donald Trump Blaming The Media For His ‘Dangerous Bullsh*t’

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Plenty of Donald Trump’s friends and employees have come out to defend him in light of his recent Second Amendment quote snafu. But one friend who is taking a stand is Fox News’ own Geraldo Rivera. In an interesting turn of events, Rivera not on Trump’s side.

Rivera took to Twitter to condemn Trump’s comments by calling them inappropriate. He also said bashing the media isn’t the proper solution:

It’s an unexpected response from the Fox News host, as he has been one to incite Twitter furor with some of his comments. But some members of the media weren’t done trying to defend Trump. Another Fox News host, Dana Perino, said if the shoe was on the other foot, there would be just as much outrage:

“Imagine if [Clinton] had said, or somebody had said, that about Donald Trump — like carelessly say ‘Oh, maybe someone will assassinate him’ — we would all be going crazy.”

Yeah, of course people would be freaking out if Hillary Clinton made this statement. She would be insinuating violence is a way to get rid of a candidate, just as Trump did. It didn’t matter whether the left or right said it, it’s still a pretty terrible thing to say.

(Via Geraldo Rivera’s Twitter & Mediaite)