A German Opposition Leader Takes A Chocolate Cake To The Face In Protest Over Migrants

Germans love their chocolate, finding ways to bring it into play even when they’re royally pissed off. German Member of Parliament Sahra Wagenknecht learned that the hard way when she got a faceful of rich chocolate cake over her stance on accepting refugees.

The MP who represents the far-left Die Linke (“The Left”) party was attending a meeting of party members when a protestor walked up to her and shoved the cake in her face. The protestor was a member of a group that calls itself the Anti-Fascist Initiative claimed responsibility for the delicious form of civil disobedience, distributing flyers that said the action was part of a “Cake for Misanthropists” campaign.

Wagenknecht had previously taken a harsher stance on the acceptance of refugees into Germany than other left-wing politicians, calling for a cap on the number of refugees admitted into the country. The AFI specifically cited her remarks as the reason she was targeted. We just have to hope that the cake was from a local baker and not IKEA.

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you have to admit that a cake protest is more effective (and at least 50% more velvety) than marching through your local Target.

(Via BBC)