Get Emailed Pictures Of Your Mail With This New Offering From The U.S. Postal Service

U.S. Post Service Handles Increased Delivery Load For Holiday Season
Getty Image / Justin Sullivan

Are you the sort of person who gets worked up into an anxious lather because you don’t know if today’s the day your paycheck is coming in the mail? The United States Postal Service understands your anxieties and are presenting an intriguing new and modern offering to alleviate upcoming mail tension.

The USPS has a sexy new service at the ready called “Informed Delivery” that may change the way you go about checking your mailbox. This offering, already available in chunks of northern Virginia and metro New York City, will provide you with scanned images of the mail you’re going to receive that day. Here’s the proper description trotted out by the USPS with notes on what they have in store:

Participate in this new USPS service enhancement test and get images of the mail that will be placed in your mailbox each day. Black and white images of your actual letter-sized mail pieces, processed by USPS sorting equipment, will be provided to you each morning. Flat-sized pieces, such as catalogues or magazines, may be added in the future. Participation is limited to certain ZIP Codes ™ at this time.

Oh sh*t! There’s a registered trademark on “ZIP Codes?” Wild stuff.

The “informed delivery” system has been characterized by the package distributor as secure, and potential users of the service can sign up for it online. The rollout is still pretty limited location-wise, although expansion is said to be under consideration for 2016. Don’t like your mail being photographed? Well, the Postal Service confirmed in 2013 that they’ve been taking pictures of every piece of mail that goes through their system, so you’re kinda screwed either way.

(via The Huffington Post)