The ABC GOP Debate Had A Terrible Start Thanks To The Candidates Forgetting How To Walk On Stage

If you didn’t catch the opening to ABC’s GOP debate on Saturday night, you missed one of the greatest comedic moments of the 2016 presidential race. During the introductions, Ben Carson missed his cue to enter the stage for the debate and created a cluster of awkwardness that managed to suck in John Kasich and Donald Trump. Carson almost averted the roadblock, but Ted Cruz foiled his plan by heading to the stage like and leaving Carson to literally stand in the shadows.

Its basically like one of those moments in the Royal Rumble where the buzzer goes off and a wrestler doesn’t enter the match. The only difference is the camera just keeps zoned right in on Carson’s face and nobody ever thinks to tell him to walk onto the stage.

If there was a chance to put one image on a t-shirt from this election, it would be Jeb Bush’s face when he has to walk around Trump and Carson to walk onto the stage. Bush’s poll numbers grew two sizes in that moment, which is good because it will likely go back to normal by the end of the night. And as usualy, Dan O’Sullivan summed it up perfectly on Twitter: