The ‘Court Of Owls’ Storyline Could Be Headed To ‘Gotham’

So season two of Gotham, which is aiming to put more of a focus on the villains of Batman lore, premiered Monday night. Between The Penguin, the emerging Riddler, a crazed circus kid who may or may not be The Joker, and a mass break out from Arkham Asylum, we’re going to be up to our gizzards in classic Batman baddies before young Bruce can even design the cowl, much less put it on. Now, it looks like an even more recent threat from the comics is making their way to the show.

The Court of Owls, which made their first full appearance in Batman #5 (New 52), is a secret society hidden in the underbelly of Gotham City that makes use of seemingly immortal assassins called Talons. Now, showrunner Bruno Heller has told that the Court may very well be a part of TV’s Gotham City, as well.

“We are absolutely going to explore that world down the line. Looking at the longevity of the show, we have to hold some cards back, we can’t just throw all of the elements, all of the story at once,” he explained – he even noted earlier during the conversation that he felt they made a mistake trying to throw too much into season one. Heller didn’t mince words, though, and did say definitively, “The long arc of the show is Bruce Wayne’s journey of discovery down into the depths of the physical and meta-physical world of Gotham. The Court of Owls is a brilliant conceit that will absolutely be part of our storytelling. I just won’t tell you when.”

What do you think? Do you want to see the Court on Gotham sooner than later?