Hackers Managed To Steal More Than 100 Cars Using Only A Laptop

It seems like disrupting the election is not enough for hackers these days. Looks like the new thing to do is to mess with cars. Two hackers in Houston were arrested Thursday for stealing more than 100 automobiles through hacking methods. Unfortunately, Nicolas Cage was not invoked with any of these car thefts.

Michael Arce and Jesse Zelaya are alleged to have stolen over 100 automobiles the last few months using only a computer and pirated software. The two allegedly used these methods to break into cars, start them and then ride off with them. Houston Police Department officer Jim Woods said they may not have been the only people to try this type of theft:

“There’s a possibility they may not be the only ones that are doing this, but right now we feel if they are the only ones that are doing this, with this arrest we hope we will be able to curb the amount of thefts occurring.”

The Houston Police Department reported it would take the duo as long as six minutes to hack into one car. Arce and Zelaya were apprehended during a joy ride to Mexico, hopefully they were literally riding off into the sunset. Police reported Jeeps and Dodge cars were the main targets of the theft, but authorities are also investigating other car thefts.

(Via ABC Eyewitness News & Fortune)

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