Meet The Hero Woman Who Went To A Trump Rally And Completely Ignored Him To Read Her Book

Many of us wouldn’t go to a Trump rally if The Donald paid us (which, he allegedly has). One woman, however, has done what many now wish they’d have thought of before: She went to a Trump rally on Monday, sat in front, and then completely ignored him to talk to her friend and read her book. I know we’re supposed to respect all the candidates and all, but this woman is a genius.

Jezebel reports that the woman’s identity has not yet been revealed, but she taught one man who tried to get her to put down her book a very important lesson: Never mess with someone who is very obviously reading while a presidential candidate is bloviating in front of her. (I don’t know what bloviating actually means, but it came to me as I was thinking of a word for what Trump does and it seems right.) (I just looked it up and it means “to talk at length in an inflated and empty way,” so I guess I was right.)

Check out this amazing closeup of the altercation, posted by Saeed Jones:

Here’s what happened when the Trump supporter tried to get the mystery woman to put down her book and listen to Trump go on about making America great again:

The man spends about 20 seconds watching our hero reading her book (which Jones suspects is Claudia Rankine’s Citizen), seemingly contemplating what he should do about this grave situation. Finally, he makes the decision to tap her on the shoulder and speak his mind, all with the fervent support of his lady friend. The three go on to have a full on argument in the middle of Trump’s speech. The altercation ends with our hero triumphantly returning to her book.

You can watch the entire video below. I suggest you put it on mute and meditate on what it means that a man like Trump actually has people supporting him in his presidential run. Or, if you’re the drinking type (and who isn’t during Trump rallies?), take a drink every time the hero we need and deserve ignores Trump in a new and exciting way.

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