Clinton Calls Out Trump’s Fondness For Alex Jones’ Conspiracy Theories In A New ‘Briefing’ Spot

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign released a timely video that calls out Donald Trump’s love affair with conspiracy theories. The entire clip revolves around Trump’s enamored view of InfoWars‘ Alex Jones, who has apparently inspired Trump’s recent accusation of Hillary being on drugs during the last debate. Jones also recently accused Clinton and President Obama of being demons who smell like sulfur, which receives a nice shout out in this video following Obama’s diplomatic self-sniffing session at a rally.

Jones is a beloved figure on the Alt-Right political circuit. He literally works himself up into a foaming frenzy during his radio show, and it can be — at times — hard to believe he’s serious about 9/11 truthing theories and chemicals in the water. This is especially the case since he has a tendency to say such things while ripping off his shirt. Yet whether Jones is 100% serious or dipping his toes into performance art isn’t really important. What does matter is that he’s harvested a legion of followers including Donald Trump.

Clinton would like voters to consider whether anyone who believes conspiracy theorists should lead our country. At the end of the video, Jones can be seen remarking, “And I’ll tell you, it is surreal to talk about issues here on air and then word for word hear Trump say it two days later. It is amazing.”

Clinton agrees.

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