A New Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Holding A Double-Digit Lead Over Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Raleigh, North Carolina
Getty Image / Sara D. Davis

It’s a scenario the Republican brass feared would come true. Their presidential candidate is trailing Hillary Clinton by a double digit margin according to a newly released poll.

A brand new Washington Post-ABC News poll has Clinton leading Donald Trump among nationwide voters, with 51% of respondents saying they’ll vote for Clinton and 39% saying Trump’s their choice. The results show a definite boost for Clinton and drop for Trump versus last month’s poll, which had Trump at 46% and Clinton at 44%. Clinton can also boast a 46.6% to 33.3% lead in a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, as well.

What could be the cause of Trump’s dip in the polls? Voters in the Washington Post-ABC News poll do not appear convinced of The Donald’s qualifications with 64% of respondents believing that the GOP’s presumptive nominee “does not have the necessary credentials to be president.” Republicans and Republican-leaning independents have their doubts too and nearly one-third of that demographic agree the business titan is not qualified to be commander-in-chief. Trump’s camp would likely counter that this particular poll was conducted by a newspaper that’s recently had their press credentials stripped by the campaign.

It’s possible that Trump’s support has taken a bit of a hit over recent controversies like his response to Orlando, his comments about his relationship with the LGBT community and being blasted as “Cheeto Jesus” by a Republican strategist, although it’s not like controversy and having detractors within the party stopped Trump from beating out a crowded field for the nomination.

(via Washington Post)