Homer Simpson Has Revealed The Truth About Vladimir Putin’s Part In This Year’s Election

It’s become en vogue to gush about the prognosticative powers of The Simpsons, but the show’s not half-bad at taking aim at the present, too. The unkillable animated comedy has provided a bounty of election commentary this year and without reasonable candidates like Kang or Kodos available as an options, their latest entry takes aim at Vladimir Putin’s alleged coziness with Donald Trump.

The short snappy clip we have nestled above features Springfield going to the polls. Naturally, Charles Montgomery Burns gravitates towards Trump (mind you, the “trillion dollar bill” episode suggests he could sway Libertarian) and Waylon Smithers has to be sly in sneaking in his Hillary Clinton support around his boss. The real hook is former Denver Broncos owner Homer Simpson chatting with an average Boston Red Sox loving Joe that turns out to be a Red Army loving Vladimir. Essentially an upgrade sports fandom-wise (WE KID!), but definitely a suspicious sort of development before casting your vote.

“Good businessman, never sleeps. Doesn’t pay his taxes…legally,” nudges the undercover Russian leader.

As is customary with nearly all celebrities on The Simpsons in the 21st century, Putin gets a pretty flattering artistic likeness. Granted, it’s as part of a funny (and borderline scary) comedy piece suggesting election shenanigans, but it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility that Putin would like that shirtless horse riding likeness to be the background on his phone.

(Via Huffington Post)