‘The Simpsons’ Finally Lets The 2016 Presidential Candidates Beat Each Other In This Spoof

Within the theater of politics, a presidential race is always ripe for spoofing. However, the current candidate crop provides more than enough fodder for increased hilarity, more than we’ve seen in decades. The Simpsons takes on this year’s race with much violence, which takes things further than the figurative Southern brawl we saw from the most recent GOP debate. For extra fun, the show adds the Democrats into the mix, and things get reeeally ugly.

Naturally, the show uses a framing device that happens to be a nightmare. Poor Marge Simpson has had more than enough of the verbal bloodsport and strategic maneuvers on display by the likes of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and company. Marge is so upset that she can’t sleep: “I can’t take it anymore! Basic manners are gone from politics. What is with these ding-dongs?”

“Ding-dongs” pretty much nails the vibe of this election. Adding a Quentin Tarantino reference to call this clip “The Debateful Eight” nails the gentility with which these candidates first interact. Before too long, Hillary Clinton‘s looping her pearls around Bernie Sanders‘ neck and yanking. By the time Jeb Bush puts a boot to Trump’s most delicate region, the chaos hits full force. No one is immune to parody here, especially not Marco Rubio‘s robotic ways or those with Goldman Sachs connections.

My my, what a glorious mess The Simpsons weaves.