Mike Huckabee Figures Donald Trump Will Suddenly Stop Tweeting Once He’s Elected President

Donald Trump has been having such a rough few days that his top Republican friends are reportedly planning an intervention for him, and even Bill O’Reilly has offered criticism on how Trump has dealt with Khizr Khan, who is currently his most effective opponent. Another issue is presented by Trump’s habitual Twitter antics, most recently in interacting warmly with the man running against Speaker Paul Ryan for Congress, all while refusing to endorse Ryan and John McCain.

Here to do damage control is Mike Huckabee, who says that Trump will be more tolerable when he’s president because he suddenly won’t tweet. Huckabee visited Fox News to defend Trump after President Obama explicitly said that Trump “keeps on proving” that he’s unfit for the job. In this position, he’ll apparently have less of a platform to offend people with his words:

“I think he probably won’t have his own Twitter account when he’s president. There’s going to be a lot of things different.”

That all sounds well and good, but it doesn’t even sound like Huckabee is sure whether a President Trump will give Twitter up. If that doesn’t sell a Trump presidency for you though, maybe this will. Huckabee says that Trump will be surrounded by more people (who can presumably control him) and will appoint Supreme Court justices and other federal agency heads. He’ll also make American foreign policy great again. “He’s not going to push phony reset buttons with Russia, go bowing to foreign kings and apologizing for America,” says Huckabee.

Does this mean that Trump does have a cozy relationship with Russia? Just kidding. (Unless it turns out to be true.) At any rate, Huckabee concludes that no matter what Trump says, he’d still be a better president than Hillary Clinton. I guess by that logic we should vote for Trump whether he has access to Twitter or not.

(Via Raw Story)