Disney World Guests Shared Photos Of Hurricane Irma Damage In The Wake Of The Storm

During Hurricane Irma’s devastating tour of Florida, the storm left the Keys in a shambles before tearing up the Gulf Coast. The system — which ripped through all five categories of hurricane status and a few tropical storm phases — is currently a tropical depression that’s flooding South Carolina and causing rampant power outages in Georgia. However, Irma was relatively kind to Disney World — which shut down for the fifth time in its entire history — and Universal Orlando. As the above photo and below video indicate, crews are already working on cleaning up debris at Disney’s various resorts.

All things considered, the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center got pretty darn lucky. Here’s a video of what went down underneath Irma’s eye.

According to USA Today, the overall battering of Disney and friends was minimal and mainly included downed trees, water leaks, and some damage to electric transformers. However, the park’s electric power never wavered (aside from some issues at resorts), and most of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios reopened at 9am on Tuesday. Restaurants and shops will also commence operations, and the party can begin again.

Still, these photos of the damage that did occur may break some hearts.

Nearby SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Orlando weren’t quite as lucky and have announced that they’ll remain closed until Wednesday for “additional debris clean-up.” Still, all involved with these parks are breathing a sigh of relief.

(Via USA Today)