A Journalist Publicly Shames All The Politicians Who Accept Money From The NRA

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Journalist Igor Volsky has grown notorious for calling out politicians on Twitter after mass shootings. He zeroes in on congressmen and presidential candidates who express “thoughts and prayers” following tragedies. As Volksy reveals, many of these public figures have no problem accepting NRA money as campaign donations. These social media takedowns are Volksy’s way of doing something productive amid the words that fly after incomprehensible events. If anything about this tragedy is clear, mass shootings cannot be prevented by sentiments alone. Omar Saddiqui Mateen made damn sure of that when he chose weaponry and charged into oblivion.

Volsky really let ‘er rip after the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting, which qualifies as the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. As politicians express grief and solidarity with victims and their families, Volksy is throwing their monetary ties with the NRA right back in their D.C. faces. First, he’d like to note that most of them haven’t mentioned the LGBT community in their statements.

Then Volksy moves on to slamming individuals who have inextricably tied themselves to NRA dollars, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and Senator Ted Cruz.

Volsky calls out Senator Marco Rubio, who spoke with CNN about the tragic happening in his state. Rubio also hinted that this event may prompt him to stay in the Senate (he wanted to become a private citizen after losing out on the Republican presidential nomination), and Volsky isn’t impressed.

Not even presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is immune to Volsky’s wrath. He may not be proven to have accepted NRA money, but he’s certainly flip flopped on the gun control issue.

And there are so many more call outs, including Lindsey Graham and dozens of others, who — as Volsky points out — voted against blocking firearm purchases for folks on terror watchlists.

Volsky’s been tweeting for over 24 hours, and he’s not done. But he did take a quick break for a clubhopping smooch. You can read more of his tweets here.