The One Where People Tweeted About How ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ Don’t Change Anything

Editorial Director, Life
12.03.15 101 Comments

I always liked how Friends named their episodes — “The One Where Joey Eats A Pizza, “The One Where The Mopey Guy Manages To Score Jennifer Aniston And Still Take Her For Granted,” etc. It’s a very functional way to catalog events.

I use that same device to track mass shootings — “The One Where They Blamed Marilyn Manson” (Columbine), “The One Where The Guy Killed A Bunch Of People Because He Didn’t Get Laid” (Isla Vista), “The One Where Everyone Argued Over What Should Be Defined As ‘Terrorism'” (Planned Parenthood).

Is that callous of me? Perhaps. I’m a product of the world I live in.

Yesterday’s shooting will always be, for me, the one where people (myself included) posted to social media about how “thoughts and prayers” aren’t enough. I’m sure people have done this before — Obama himself called out “thoughts and prayers” after the recent shooting in Oregon — but yesterday was peak “thoughts and prayers” backlash.

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