The Most Exciting Moment From The Iowa Caucus Was This MSNBC F-Bomb

It isn’t a good political discussion unless there’s a few curse words tossed in the mix. But this is the Iowa Caucus we’re talking about here. A vote by wholesome people, who do wholesome things, and vote for wholesome candidates like Ted Cruz. A big wholesome mess.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not ready for a strong discussion on the issues, especially when Bernie Sanders is the topic. That’s what caused this F-bomb to slip out during a discussion about the VA — which is a deserving topic for an F-bomb. The problem is MSNBC thought it was a real bomb and cut away.

Sure, the FCC might bring some fines and people will complain. But we’re talking about honest political discussion here, not an episode of Morning Joe. When Scarborough gets worked up, those curses need to be bleeped. These should be able to fly free. How else will you get the youth interested in politics? Young people love curse words.

Also nice to see Brian Williams is still kicking and still getting the big duties over there on MSNBC. I just picture they keep him locked up like Hannibal Lecter until they need him. This might screw him out of his drawing privileges, though.