Jake Tapper Fires A Shot At The ‘Dimwitted Propagandists’ Of Russia Today For Saying He Gave Obama A Pass

CNN’s Jake Tapper is one of the sassiest members of the media. Whether he’s suggesting White House officials visit the Holocaust Museum, running through a list of conspiracy theories that President Trump might believe in, or dunking on whoever runs Breitbart’s Twitter account, Tapper constantly comes across as someone who is annoyed he has to respond to some things.

Naturally, after Tapper was the subject of a “report” on Russia Today, the Russian state-owned media outlet that possibly hacked C-SPAN for some reason, he slammed RT for a concocted story about him: “No I didn’t, you dimwitted propagandists.”

In the RT America report, an unnamed anchor uses a series of stock photos and air quotes to say that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election because Americans fell asleep, and reporters like Jake Tapper let Obama get away with more lies than Trump because they liked him. It’s very good acting in a piece of visually confusing propaganda (I think it’s for millennials?).

Since RT America is a clever propaganda outfit, they used Tapper’s handle in their own tweet to the video, bringing it to his attention by saying that he admitted to giving President Obama “a pass.”

Not satisfied with that rejoinder, Tapper retweeted a screencap of when Russia Today brought Richard Spencer in as an expert on Libya in 2012.

The judges scored this one for Tapper as a technical knockout.