Jamie Foxx Went Full Superhero And Pulled A Man From A Burning Car

At 8:30 p.m. on Monday, a car skidded on the wet road in front of Jamie Foxx‘s estate in Hidden Valley, California just outside of Los Angeles. The vehicle flipped over and caught on fire. Inside, the driver was still buckled into his seat. Cue the superhero music.

Actor and now professional lifesaver, Jamie Foxx, sprung into action. He ran to the man’s aid, unbuckling and pulling him from the burning wreckage. TMZ reports that the film and TV star then dragged the victim 30 feet away from the burning car, saving him from further injury. According to Safety for Citizen’s Facebook page, police and firefighters arrived about nine minutes later, thanks to a 911 call placed by the Oscar-winning thespian. The Ventura County fire department put out the fire, and the man was transported to the hospital with what is being reported as severe injuries. The exact extent of the man’s injuries aren’t currently known, but one witness said that the driver also suffered burns to his face.

Foxx, who was last seen on the big screen in 2014’s Annie, recently wrapped up filming the thriller Sleepless Night and is currently working on the comedy, Aloha Santa. But, for the man who almost died in the accident, his greatest role will be the one he played on Monday night.

(Via TMZ/SafetyForCitizens)