Jeb Bush Wants To Be On ‘Homeland’ As A G-Rated Terrorist Killing Machine

Hey look, it’s Jeb! trying to get us to pay attention to him again.

In a couple of quick and rather candid moments on the current Showtime series The Circus, the camera caught Jeb waxing on what has to be not only his favorite show on the premium cable network but also on earth, Homeland. And wouldn’t you know it, he’s talking about killin.’

There are a couple things to unpack here courtesy of the flailing Republican presidential candidate. Let’s start with his belief that anyone, from the MPAA to the TV ratings board, would grant a “general audiences” label to anyone or anything involving one person killing another with his bare hands. Sorry Jeb, but you’re at least gonna have to deal with a PG-13 for ripping that dang terrorist limb from limb.

And secondly, why the heck does Jeb fancy himself such a killing machine anyway? It was just a couple months ago that he wanted to go all Timecop and bust it back to the late 19th century so he could take out baby Hitler. Dude wants to be an action hero and get all historical about it too. Maybe Jeb could star in a new Terminator movie too. Or not?

(via Gawker)