Sean Spicer Tried To Reframe Trump’s Baseless Wiretapping Accusations As Mere Concern About Leaks

Over the weekend, Donald Trump accused Obama of wiretapping him without a shred of evidence. Trump made the claims after reading a Breitbart story that summarized a right-wing radio host’s conspiracy theory about a “silent coup” by Obama. The White House kept Press Secretary Sean Spicer off the airwaves for the weekend while his deputy unsuccessfully attempted to walk Trump’s claims back into “if” box, although Trump’s accusations were stated as fact. Today, Spicey was back for a televised press briefing, and CNN’s Jim Acosta wanted answers: “Where is the proof that President Obama bugged President Trump?”

In response, Spicer completely tried to repaint Trump’s accusations: “It’s not a question of new proof or less proof or whatever, it’s about bringing in Congress to get to the bottom of this.” He then attempted to say that Trump was only hoping to convince Congress to check into whether he may have been wiretapped. For real?

Again, here’s Trump’s main accusatory tweet against Obama. He claimed that he was definitely wiretapped and that someone informed him as much, and that nothing was found, and “McCarthyism!”

So much exhaustion from only 140 characters or less, right?

In this followup clip, Acosta asks whether Trump regrets his accusations or would withdraw them. Spicer answers, “Why would he withdraw it until it’s adjudicated?” He added, “I think the appropriate thing to do is ask the House and Senate to look into it.” And here come more alternative facts about Trump simply being worried about surveillance and leaks. Always with the leaks!