Joe Biden Scoffs At The White House’s ‘Romance With Putin’ And Rex Tillerson’s Plans To Visit Russia Before NATO

With an FBI investigation underway and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer habitually trying to change the story, the Trump administration can’t seem to run away from its alleged ties to Russia. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson didn’t help matters by deciding to skip his first NATO meeting in April while still keeping his Russia trip on the schedule. One person in particular seems fed up with this chain of events, and that would be former Vice President Joe Biden.

In the above video, which was captured by Newsday‘s Emily Ngo, Biden is seen criticizing Tillerson’s NATO slight to a pool of reporters on Wednesday. Biden was on hand to lead a D.C. rally (you can see that video below) with other Democrats to drum up support for Obamacare, since the House will vote on Thursday whether to repeal and replace. Biden seems miffed at Tillerson’s decision, and, in typical Joe fashion, he didn’t hold anything back:

“The notion that there’s still this romance with Putin … I’m told [Tillerson] has decided he’s going to go visit Putin before he goes to the NATO conference? What in the hell are we doing?”

In Tillerson’s defense (not really), he didn’t really want the job of secretary of state. When later asked about Trump’s unfounded claims that Obama was wiretapping him, Biden scoffed at the notion, with NBC News’ Frank Thorp tweeting how Biden unloaded on Trump.

In times of political uncertainty, the country can count on Joe Biden to cut through the malarkey. You can watch Biden’s rally comments on Obamacare (and the opioid epidemic) below.

(Via The Hill)