Joe Biden Wants To Jog With Donald Trump But Doesn’t ‘Think He Could Keep Up’


During a meeting with reporters on Monday, Joe Biden discussed concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health and whether he thought the Democratic nominee was fit to campaign. CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller tweeted out highlights from the pool report early Tuesday morning — including Biden’s belief that the campaign “screwed up” because it didn’t reveal Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis immediately. However, the most interesting thing said wasn’t Biden’s admitting he’d once worked through “walking pneumonia” despite doctors’ and staffers’ concerns. Rather, it was the health ultimatum he dropped on Donald Trump.

“I’d like to jog with him,” said Biden. “I don’t think he could keep up.”

Clinton’s Republican rival is due to appear on The Dr. Oz Show this Thursday. Why? To finally reveal “very specific numbers” regarding his own health, something that — letter written outside a limo notwithstanding — has proven almost as elusive as his tax returns. Whether the interview proves to be health-centric remains to be seen, but like many waiting for such details, Biden is impatient. Hence the jogging challenge.

Of course, Biden egging Trump on is simply another version of Bill Clinton’s being “almost certain” his wife is healthier than the Republican nominee. They’re Clinton surrogates advocating for their preferred presidential candidate, and considering the bad weekend Hillary had in New York, she needs all the support she can muster.

Though it would still be cool to see the guy who pumped iron for the #GimmeFive challenge smoke Trump in a running race.

(Via Mediaite)

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