Donald Trump Is Popping By ‘Dr. Oz’ Next Week To ‘Share His Vision For America’s Health’

Getty Image / Harpo Studios

Are you a nervous wreck because Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are only on television 95 percent of the time? Daytime TV can help!

The GOP candidate will pop up on the September 15 episode of The Dr. Oz Show and presumably not to discuss the state 0f his bowels. (That’s what people do on Dr. Oz, right? Well, that or engage in a bit of chat about your Adonis DNA.) Deadline reports that The Donald is appearing on the medically minded program for a one-on-one interview that will include details on Trump’s “health regimen” and “share his vision for America’s health.” He’ll also address other issues like money and security, but the star attraction is Trump’s views on health care. After all, he’s been certified by a physician as being “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” Suck it, James K. Polk!

Billed as a “no-holds-barred conversation,” it’s not unreasonable to imagine Trump commenting on Hillary Clinton’s health as well. Trump surrogates and supporters have been fairly liberal when it comes to speculating about their opponent’s possible medical problems despite steady denials from Clinton and her camp.

If Trump and Oz ever get stuck for a topic of conversation (they won’t), there’s always a chance they could talk about the time Oz and Donald Trump Jr. shared earplugs during a Selena Gomez performance. That might be a bit more of a “web exclusive” come to think of it.

(Via Deadline)