John McCain Is Threatening To Block Trump Defense Nominations Over The White House’s Response To Niger

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After four U.S. special forces troops Green Berets were killed in an ambush in Niger, the Trump administration has been less than forthcoming about the circumstances surrounding the incident. While President Trump is dealing with the fallout of telling a widow of one of the dead soldiers that her husband “knew what he was getting into,” there are still unanswered questions about who was responsible for the attack and what the objective of the operation was.

Sen. John McCain, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, wants answers to those questions and more. On Thursday, McCain threatened to block nominees to defense and national security positions because of the White House’s insufficient response.

“I’d like to hear them say that they’re going to tell the Congress and the American people exactly what happened and why and why we weren’t told about it before,” McCain said. “Nominees are not going through the United States Senate until we get the kind of cooperation we need.”

McCain reportedly voiced his concerns directly to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. According to The Daily Beast, McCain is considering calling a committee meeting in order to determine what steps to take next. He also did not rule out issuing subpoenas.

(Via The Daily Beast)