A Former TV Journalist Accuses Kevin Spacey Of Sexually Assaulting Her Teenage Son In 2016

Since October, when actor Anthony Rapp claimed Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted him when he was a minor, the once-celebrated Hollywood star has found himself seemingly cut off. Netflix and House of Cards have cut ties with him, his scheduled appearances at various events have been canceled, and additional alleged victims have come forward with their stories. If all of this weren’t enough in and of itself, however, Spacey found himself accused of sexually assaulting the teenage son of a former Boston-area TV journalist during a press conference on Wednesday.

“I’m here not as a journalist today, but as a mom,” Heather Unruh tearfully told reporters. “In July 2016, actor Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted my son. It happened late [at] night inside the Club Car restaurant and bar on Nantucket island. The victim — my son — was a starstruck, straight 18-year-old young man who had no idea that the famous actor was an alleged sexual predator. Or that he was about to become his next victim.” Her son, whose name was not given during the press conference, filed a police report last week.

“Kevin Spacey bought him drink, after drink, after drink, and when my son was drunk, Spacey made his move and sexually assaulted him,” Unruh continued. She then praised an unknown witness who, after seeing what was happening between the actor and the young man, encouraged the latter to leave the restaurant. “I don’t know how much she saw. I don’t know if she saw Kevin Spacey put his hand in my son’s pants. That much I don’t know,” Unruh said while pleading with the witness to come forward. “What I do know is that she saw my son was very shaken.”

As for Spacey himself, Unruh referenced his initial response to Rapp’s accusations, which were vilified on social media and elsewhere. “Shame on you for what you did to my son, and shame on you for using your apology for Anthony Rapp to come out as a gay man,” she said. “That was an appalling attempt to turn attention away from what you actually are: a sexual predator.”

(Via WCVB and NBC Boston)