North And South Korean Gymnasts Pose For An Olympic Selfie In A Moment Of Unity

For all the Rio Problems that have been bubbling to the surface, we forget that the Olympics is a time for unity. Rivals and frenemies come together to for a few weeks to put their differences aside to show pride for their countries. But gymnasts from two neighboring countries, who have endured a long and combative history, are taking this sense of unity to a new level.

Hong Un-jong of North Korea and Lee Eun-ju of South Korea took a moment to put their countries’ political differences aside and take a selfie. While the enduring selfie trend doesn’t always work out as planned, this particular photo is a perfect reflection of the Olympics spirit. The love was felt around the entire Internet.

While relations between the two countries remain icy, this photo embodies unity. Elsewhere, there have been rivalries that have been less than cordial during the games. According to BBC News, Olympic officials separated Israeli and Lebanese athletes to avoid any incidents. And Australian Olympian Mack Horton is taking heat for calling Chinese Olympian Sun Yang a “drug cheat.” But for now, let’s just take a second to breathe and admire one fleeting moment of tranquility.

(Via BBC News)