Lara Trump Claims To Have Read A Transcript Of The President’s Call To The Widow Of A Fallen U.S. Soldier

On Friday, Lara and Eric Trump sat down with Fox News to defend President Trump’s questionable phone call to the widow of a fallen U.S. soldier. The story won’t go away after the president’s “he knew what he was getting into” line prompted gasps everywhere. And despite Trump denying that he said it, Chief of Staff John Kelly subsequently confirmed that not only did Trump say it, but Kelly told Trump to say it. Well, Lara Trump — who doesn’t work in the White House and is married to Eric — says that she’s read a transcript of the call, and everyone’s taking Trump’s words out of context.

To back up a second, Lara says there’s a transcript available, and it apparently hasn’t been released by the White House. Yet Lara says she’s accessed the document, and presumably, Eric has as well because Ainsley Earhardt directs the question at them both at 1:14 in the above clip. Eric is also not a member of his father’s administration, but Lara is the more vocal one in response:

“From what I have seen, this is a clear case of the media not doing their job. Whenever you read exactly what he said, he said ‘your husband went in to battle, you know, knowing that he could be injured, knowing that he could be killed and he still did it because he loves his country and he did it for the American people … And yet they conveniently leave off the last part of what was said.”

Exhausting, isn’t it? Four U.S. soldiers were killed in Niger within an attack that’s still prompting more questions than answers, yet everyone — including the White House — is still arguing about whether Trump spoke clumsily or insensitively to one of the soldier’s widows. Kelly even saw fit to invent some alternative facts in an effort to discredit the Democratic congresswoman who overheard the call. And now, everyone’s left wondering why on earth Lara Trump had access to a transcript of the conversation. Bizarre.

(Via Fox News & Kyle Griffin on Twitter)