Louis C.K. Has Announced A New 14-City Stand-Up Tour In An E-mail To Fans

Nearly two years have elapsed since accusations of sexual misconduct against Louis C.K. were made public — allegations he later admitted were true. And while he’s mostly laid low since, it’s been clear he has no interest in being cancelled forever. Late last summer the comic began quietly doing shows, which were met with sharp, albeit not widespread, criticism. And now, as per Entertainment Weekly, C.K. has sent out an e-mail to his remaining fans, telling them he’s about to embark on a 14-city international stand-up tour.

“I am on the road doing professional stand-up comedy. Which consists of sharing jokes, stories, observations, lies, non-lies, and being generally ridiculous for the benefit of a laughing audience,” C.K wrote. The first stop, in Richmond, Virginia, will come very soon, on November 2. The tour will end on January 31 in New Orleans. He also added that his website, which has lain dormant for a spell, will be back online, with new merch and such.

Along with saying he had come back too soon — if he should have done it at all — C.K.’s sets have been criticized for their controversial content. One set, whose surreptitiously recorded audio was leaked online last December, featured the comic not only complaining about how his life had fallen apart, but also included digs at gender fluidity and even school shooting victims. But we’re sure a public figure whose infamy has only gotten worse has calmed down since then.

(Via EW)