The Internet Is Amused And Fascinated By The Trump Campaign’s New ‘Make Mexico Great Again Also’ Hats

When it comes to election 2016, the entire mess will go down as one ridiculous media event after another. There’s a few highlights featuring Hillary Clinton, but most circle around Donald Trump’s campaign like flies at a landfill. Wednesday night was no exception during Trump’s “major” speech in Arizona following his meeting with the president of Mexico earlier in the day. The speech itself turned out to be more of the same from the former Apprentice host’s campaign, but the opening segment featured something that caught the eye of many on the internet:

It might not look like it’s much different than any other Trump hat you can current buy on the campaign’s website, including one in a fine camouflage pattern, but a closer look shows that it is much different. The slogan on this particular hat says “Make Mexico Great Again Also” and was worn by Trump supporters Rudy Giuliani and Republican U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Most reactions to the hat seemed to indicate confusion and bewilderment, which is odd coming from a campaign that seems to have no limits. Molly Ball from The Atlantic summed this up nicely online, also pointing out that she likely predicted this a year ago — not so special given how the campaign caught its spark gliding down that golden escalator:

The rest of the folks online followed suit, showing a mix of confusion, shock, and general outrage. There’s a few shoutouts to our neighbors to the north, strangely absent from all of Trump’s discussion about strengthening borders:

The hat is not for sale on the site yet, but you can expect it to join the slate of other fine Trump products available soon enough.

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