‘Making A Murderer’ Subject Steven Avery Suggested His Lawyers Should Lose Their Licenses In A Furious Jailhouse Letter

If there was one shining bright spot in Netflix’s ultra-depressing Making a Murderer, it was Steven Avery’s lawyers. Following their fruitless but passionate defense of Avery, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting quickly became “sexy internet sensations” and parlayed their instant fame into a sold out speaking tour. Everyone loved Dean and Jerry!

Everyone, apparently, except for Steven Avery. In a passionate jailhouse letter obtained by InTouch, Steven took his lawyers to task, insisting the duo didn’t properly investigate the case and “sould [sic] loose [sic] there [sic] license” as a result.

Here’s a page acquired by InTouch:

The full letter will be available in this week’s print edition. According to the magazine, Avery goes on to provide takes on popular internet theories:

He also alludes to the online theory that there were six burn barrels found on or near his family’s property, not five as stated in reports. If this is true, then Buting and Strang missed an opportunity to point out even more sloppy police work — which could have called all the evidence the prosecution presented from the barrels into question.

It’s unknown whether Avery’s disdain for his lawyers was simmering during his trial, but it certainly wasn’t made evident during the first season of the Netflix series. Maybe we’ll learn more in season two?