Marcia Clark Had One Hell Of A Quip About O.J. Simpson Getting Paroled

Former L.A. Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark will forever be lined with the tabloid-friendly saga that was the O.J. Simpson’s murder trial. A recent rush of Juice revisitation (via highbrow lookbacks too) has nudged Clark back into the spotlight to some extent, so it was only a matter of time before the former prosecutor was asked her opinion on Simpson’s recent parole victory. After some nudging, Clark provided a response that feels like it could be plucked from the FX portrayal of his life.

Walking through an airport, TMZ asked Clark what she thought about Simpson being granted parole. After a polite and cheery “no comment,” she was prodded again. Pressed with the question if she thought the NFL legend served his debt to society, Clark gave her perspective on the matter.

“Maybe on that case,” suggested Clark.

Aside from that jab about O.J. Simpson being found not guilty of murder on both counts when the verdict was read at Los Angeles County Superior Court on October 3, 1995, Clark was otherwise keeping quiet about O.J. getting parole. Considering that the “Trial of the Century” was absolute lunacy at the time, who knows what happens with O.J. Simpson and the key players in his Clinton era court battle after Simpson’s release?

(Via TMZ)