Matt Drudge Catches Heat After Calling Hurricane Matthew Warnings A Government Conspiracy

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Florida resident Matt Drudge is not freaking out about Hurricane Matthew. Or at least, he’s not losing his mind over safety, and he’s not taking Shepard Smith’s incredibly blunt message to heart. Drudge is apparently pulling a Vanilla Ice and riding out the storm, which is a bad, bad idea.

And Drudge is still freaking out in his own way.

All of this stubbornness is occurring despite Governor Rick Scott’s urgent warning to evacuate if at all possible and not take any chances because even without a direct hit (and it may not make landfall after all), this storm has the potential to be fatal. The storm surge will still be up to 11 feet high in addition to waves caused by the storm churning away, and after the Haiti death toll topped 260, taking chances isn’t exactly a wise move.

However, Drudge isn’t concerned about what happened in Haiti. He’s got a hunch that the force of the storm has been greatly exaggerated by the government and media. Why? He thinks it’s all a liberal conspiracy theory to convince people that global warming is real. His first tweet references The Deplorables, who he suggests are making noises about government lies surrounding the hurricane.

Drudge then began to demand data, and he’s wondering why there’s such a “monopoly” by the Hurricane Center. He’s demanding answers. Now.

Naturally, Twitter began to rip Drudge (along with Rush Limbaugh) apart and demand that he stand outside with his funky hat.