Meghan McCain Didn’t Know There Were Liberals ‘Like Joy Behar’ While Working In A Fox News Echo Chamber

Meghan McCain sat down to chat with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night about everything from her recent wedding, her family’s friendship with Joe Biden, to being the token conservative voice on The View. McCain has been a host on the long-running show for four months now, and although she seems to be handling the transition with aplomb, she admitted that is hasn’t always been easy.

“This show has been on for 21 years and I’m the 21st host,” McCain explained to Colbert. “I’ve been on so many shows where people never watched and couldn’t figure out what channel it was on. And like, everyone knows what The View is and being the one conservative on The View has this like sort of weird, like, lure to it, and people have very tense reactions to it. People are like, ‘I love you on The View‘ or ‘I absolutely hate you and you’re ruining my show.'”

“I worked at Fox for years and when you’re in the Fox echo chamber and you’re surrounded by conservatives, you’re in this like very warm bubble and you’re like, ‘Oh, everyone feels this way,’” McCain continued, when asked whether or not the show makes her feel even more conservative. “And it’s not that I didn’t know people were liberal, but I didn’t know people were like quite as liberal as Joy Behar.”

“Every morning, it’s kind of like ‘Why are all Republicans racist Nazis?’ And I’m like, ‘Look, well I haven’t had my latte yet and maybe we can talk about something else,'” McCain quipped. “I actually really like her, she’s lovely.”

But overall she admits that working on the show is an “interesting experience, especially in the Trump era.” It’s worth noting that McCain is regularly put in the awkward position of defending Trump and his policies, despite the fact that he has repeatedly attacked her father and she often openly admits that she didn’t vote for him. It’s not a job many would envy, that’s for sure.