Alex Jones And Megyn Kelly Aired Warring Accounts Of Their Sandy Hook Discussion On Father’s Day

It would be fair to assume that a hefty amount of editing took place before Megyn Kelly’s controversial interview with Alex Jones aired on Sunday Night. This has followed over a week of bizarrely combative rants from Jones, who was angry at Kelly for wooing him with “softball” intent before grilling him over his dissemination of the fake Sandy Hook conspiracy. And the parents whose children perished in the Newtown massacre were so distraught over their missing perspective that a local NBC affiliate chose not to air tonight’s episode. So, what did Kelly’s interview of Jones actually deliver?

As a whole, the full interview (which you can watch at the NBC website — it’s 17 minutes long) was unimpressive and won’t satisfy those who worried that Kelly was illuminating Jones’ insane platforms for no justifiable reason. The piece contained a lot of cutaways and voiceovers that condemn Jones, which seemed geared (after a firestorm of criticism) toward providing the appearance of Kelly going “harder” against him than she really did. However, Kelly did solidly confront him during one segment of their talk:

Kelly: “Alex, the parents, one after the other … devastated. The dead bodies that the coroner autopsied.”

Jones: “And they blocked that. They won’t release it. It’s unprecedented. Even the reports.”

Jones: “I will sit there on the air and look at every position and play devil’s advocate.”

Kelly: “Was that devil’s advocate? ‘The whole thing is a giant hoax. The whole thing was fake.'”

Jones: “I remember, even that day, to go back from memory, then saying, ‘But then, some of it looks like it’s real.’ But then what do you do, when they’ve got the kids going in circles, in and out of the building with their hands up? I’ve watched the footage. And it looks like a drill.”

The segment also touched upon Jones’ spreading of the harmful Pizzagate conspiracy (which alleged that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of a restaurant’s nonexistent basement) and fake accusations against the Chobani yogurt company (which claimed that the company imported “migrant rapists” to work for them). Jones has since apologized (for legal reasons) for both of these tales, and he and Kelly breezed right through them.

Meanwhile, Jones was livestreaming his reactions to Kelly show on Infowars. He blasted her the whole time, of course, and if you want to watch that, feel free to google that mess (no link to his site here). A few hours prior, Jones had already posted a rebuttal of sorts (watch below) after requesting that Kelly not air his interview on Father’s Day. In the below video, he put on a sad face and offered condolences to Newtown parents:

“I’d also like to reach out to any of the parents who lost a child at Newtown, to invite them to contact me to open a dialogue. I think it’s really essential we do that instead of letting the MSM really misrepresent things and really try to drive this nation apart.”

Is anyone (who is sane) buying this charade? Nope.