Megyn Kelly Blasts Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News Program While Calling Hers The ‘No. 1 News Show’

Who would have thought fellow Fox News-ers Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly could turn a bit of friendly professional rivalry into multimedia animosity? Perhaps the many words the two have exchanged indirectly, and on various programs, about each other and their former boss Roger Ailes are just that — a friendly rivalry. Yet as their frequency steadily increases, audiences and outliers can’t help but wonder whether or not the apparent intensity of Kelly and O’Reilly’s disagreements is something more. Especially since the former didn’t pull her punches at an event promoting her new book on Wednesday evening.

According to Mediaite, The Wrap’s media reporter Brian Flood attended a Q&A featuring Kelly and CBS This Morning‘s Charlie Rose at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in New York. The precise question Rose asked is unknown, but per Flood’s live-tweet of Kelly’s answer, it seems her highly publicized ruckus with O’Reilly was the topic.

“Megyn Kelly says Bill O’Reilly might have No. 1 show in news,” tweeted Flood, “but she has the No. 1 ‘news show’ in news, referring to Factor as opinion show.” Ouch:

The conversation predictably turned to Ailes, who resigned from Fox News after allegations of sexual harassment by former presenter Gretchen Carlson and other ex and current employees depicted the 24-hour cable news channel as having a largely misogynistic working environment. Kelly, who has addressed her working relationship with Ailes in Settle for More and countless interviews promoting it, answered Rose’s questions accordingly.

Aside from the Kelly File host’s claim that Ailes asked her to defend him publicly following the first reports of Carlson’s allegations, however, the shade she directed towards O’Reilly stands out. That, and Rose’s excellent taste in sneakers:

(Via Mediaite)