Report: Megyn Kelly Will Debut On-Air For NBC In June, Earlier Than Expected

Since Megyn Kelly decided to leave Fox News for a triple-header role at NBC News in January, a lot has happened. Mostly, Donald Trump has happened, but a lot of other stuff we presume Kelly would love to be covering has happened as well. According to Page Six, Kelly is about to be unshackled and released back into the news wild, making her official (and earlier than expected) return to the airwaves when she debuts in a limited role with NBC News next month. Her own show is set to begin production sometime in June.

Originally, Kelly was scheduled to make her NBC News debut in July, but since Fox News released her from her prior contract a couple weeks ago, Kelly is free to jump back on the news horse. Recently, it was rumored Kelly could be making a huge splash in her NBC debut by possibly scoring a sit-down interview with Vladimir Putin. Now, Page Six is reporting Kelly will first appear on the station with Kate Snow as part of NBC News’ Sunday night slate, but the news regarding Kellys’ own weekday show is far from set in stone. Sources tell Page Six that NBC is still trying to figure out what the heck to do with Kelly’s own weekday show:

“It’s a very real problem. There’s no staff in place. They have no idea what they’re going to do with Megyn. Ideas range from talk show to studio audience to news show. It’s a problem,” another source said. Kelly’s rep didn’t comment.

Kelly may have been out of the reporting-the-news business as of late, but she hasn’t entirely left the news cycle. Recently, the New York Times reported that Kelly’s departure from Fox News was pushed along by Bill O’Reilly’s defense of ex-CEO Roger Ailes, a man Kelly reportedly claimed sexually harassed her during her time with Fox. Just last week, Kelly was brought up in a Politico piece that revealed how Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon routinely called Kelly “the devil” and the main reason there was a past rift between Breitbart and Fox News.

(Via Page Six and The New York Times)