Melania Trump Will Reportedly Deliver An Anti-Bullying Speech At A U.N. Luncheon

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Either because she’s looking past the obvious or as an extremely subtle act of rebellion, First Lady Melania Trump has frequently mentioned bullying, specifically cyberbullying on social media, as a phenomena she’d like to stamp out. During the 2016 campaign, days before the election, Mrs. Trump made a speech where she said “our culture has gotten too mean” (and many people noted the irony of how Donald Trump frequently bullies his opponents) while announcing her intention to run an anti-bullying initiative as First Lady.

The FLOTUS is prepared to make another speech about her anti-bullying platform at a United Nations luncheon, according to Politico:

“No child should ever feel hungry, stalked, frightened, terrorized, bullied, isolated or afraid, with nowhere to turn,” the first lady will say, according to excerpts of her speech. “We need to step up, come together, and ensure that our children’s future is bright.”

Melania Trump said children are “hit first and hardest in any country” when it comes to “drug addiction, bullying, poverty, disease, trafficking, illiteracy, or hunger.”

The luncheon is expected to be attended by spouses of other world leaders as well as “thought leaders.” While Mrs. Trump’s speech seems to be wider-ranging than previous remarks she’s made about bullying, she has still yet to unveil (or fully staff) her anti-bullying initiative.

During the campaign, President Trump said that “most of [the people I’ve insulted on Twitter] deserved it,” but that kids were off limits.

(Via Politico)

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