Michael Flynn’s Attorney Met With Robert Mueller’s Team, Fueling Further Speculation Of A Plea Deal

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The first indication that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn might be close to reaching a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Justice Department came last week when reports surfaced that Flynn’s legal team was no longer communicating with President Trump’s legal team. Furthering more speculation that Flynn is near an agreement, his attorneys met with Mueller’s team on Monday.

It’s not known what was discussed in the meeting, but ABC News offers a likely scenario if the two sides are coming to an agreement:

That process would typically include a series of off-the-record discussions in which prosecutors lay out in detail for Flynn and his lawyers the fruits of their investigation into his activities. Prosecutors would also provide Flynn an opportunity to offer what’s called a proffer, detailing what information, if any, he has that could implicate others in wrongdoing.

One of President Trump’s attorneys, Jay Sekulow, said that Trump’s team and Flynn’s never formally signed a joint defense agreement, so there is nothing notable about Flynn’s attorneys no longer sharing information. However, others point to the special counsel’s interest in Michael Flynn Jr. as the inciting action that lead the elder Flynn to begin cooperating.

According to the Washington Post, investigators may have found yet another instance of Flynn advising both a foreign entity as well as President Trump. Flynn allegedly advised an Egyptian nuclear power plant with connections to Russian interests from 2015 though 2016, a time that covers Trump’s campaign as well as large parts of the transition period after the election.

(Via ABC News & Washington Post)