Michael Moore Makes Another Prediction: Trump Voters In Michigan Are In For ‘A Rude Awakening’

Michael Moore will not rest after Donald Trump’s surprise election victory, which Moore fully predicted in July. This weekend, he joined protests outside of Trump Tower, where he successfully entered the building and delivered a message to the president-elect. And on Sunday, Moore visited with Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union. The two men discussed a variety of subjects, including more on his theory of how Hillary Clinton lost the Midwest. For the record, Moore also believes that Trump will eventually disappoint those who voted for him in these states.

First though, Moore thoroughly calls out Clinton for ignoring the rural pockets of the Midwest. He adds that Michigan is used to being treated poorly by both parties, which includes the Republican administration that allowed Flint water to be poisoned (and still hasn’t fixed the problem for two years). He also points to the “benign neglect” by Democrats, “who basically, once they get in,” ignore campaign promises made to ailing communities. Moore admits vague amusement at how Trump “saw that and made that point, even though he will be the last person to visit Detroit or Flint to help us.” And he believes that, like most politicians, Trump will hand those Michigan residents who voted for him “a rude awakening when they realize he’s not going to do a damn thing to make the situation better and probably will make it worse.”

From there, Moore asked why Democrats just can’t manage to “run beloved people” on its presidential ticket, which is a subject he discussed last week while offering 2020 suggestions for candidates. Moore feels that Bernie Sanders was beloved and represented young people who are angry at the system, but perhaps Oprah would be the best choice to win in 2020. For now, Moore calls for Dems to recognize Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison as the ideal leader to run the Democratic National Committee. Moore admits that, overall, he is “worried” about the future for Democrats, but maybe they’ll heed his advice at some point. After all, he did predict a Trump win.

Tapper and Moore also discussed how Hillary Clinton partially blames FBI James Comey for her loss. Moore agrees that Comey’s letter was “part of it” and reveals that he’s called for a special prosecutor to investigate Comey, who he thinks was permitted to illegally “interfere with an election.”