Mike Pence’s DC Neighbors Ask Him To Dine With Them At Comet Ping Pong To Help End The Pizzagate Madness

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Mike Pence rented some temporary digs in Washington D.C.’s Chevy Chase suburb before moving to the Naval Observatory in January. This is the same community where a gunman recently stormed Comet Pizza, which sits at the center of a fake Clinton conspiracy about a child sex ring that some people actually believe exists.

Comet’s employees and their families live with constant threats to their safety, while the theory has spread to nearby D.C. eateries and even into Brooklyn. Chevy Chase residents no longer feel safe, and the theory’s insanity only grew after the disturbed shooter claimed he needed to “investigate” Pizzagate because he believed poison pushed by the likes of Alex Jones.

Well, Pence’s neighbors feel that he could put an end to Pizzagate if he wanted to do so. They’re asking him to dine at Comet Pizza and even posted an invitation letter on Medium. Some excerpts:

Your new neighbors are hurting. Parents and grandparents are left struggling to explain to our traumatized children why a man would fire a gun in a family gathering place in the heart of the community. Families are frightened for their own safety. Our small businesses are vulnerable. Police now patrol the block. And our small Main Street has been catapulted to the center of a firestorm. Meanwhile, social media continues to fan the flames.

Your new Administration has pledged to represent and serve all Americans. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to doing so.

Governor Pence, we ask that you help bring an end to this madness through the simple act of breaking bread with your neighbors at Comet Ping Pong. By doing so, you will send a powerful message to the perpetrators of these hateful attacks that this baseless and dangerous campaign of hate must stop. Last Sunday’s assault on Comet ended peacefully. The next attack may not.

Will Pence heed this call for help? He could almost position himself as a hero if he put an end to this fake news story, but Pence is such a chronic gaslighter that he may deny a Pizzagate theory ever happened. Or that pizza itself exists.

(Via Neighbors Organizing for Power & Equality on Medium)