Mitt Romney Is Still Dropping Hints About His Presidential Possibilities


Amidst the disarray and uncertainty of a Donald Trump Republican presidential campaign there have been whispers about a counter-Trump. Many prominent Republicans have spoken out about Donald Trump, making headlines, while sheepish endorsements have been mostly lost in the shuffle. Names like Mitt Romney have had no problem talking about how dangerous Donald Trump is and how he doesn’t exactly represent what the Republican party is actually about.

In between his commitments to celebrity boxing and professional wrestling appearances, Mitt Romney seems to be pretty troubled about this whole Trump nonsense and like he might still make a stand, claims The Blaze. After a failed campaign as the Republican presidential candidate in 2012, Mitt Romney has mostly kept his nose away from the hard politics, but his presidential aspirations may still be there, under the surface.

In a recent interview Romney spoke about an email from his son begging him to run for President again, only for Romney to claim that while he may have considered it, the two candidates running right now seem like a lock and that it’s too little, too late for him to mount any sort of campaign.

“The door is closed unless both candidates come up to me and say please save them,” Romney jokingly reiterated to Dickerson. “I can’t imagine the circumstances that would lead me to be in the race.”

So while his skepticism seems grounded in reality, there will still be those holding out hope for a Mitt Romney campaign, including his son. Of course, Romney is still talking about this in public, even though it all seems like a foregone conclusion, so maybe there is something to all of this talk. If this is a move by Romney, it’s only a move to steal away some headlines from the headline-hungry Trump who has found himself plastered all over the news this election cycle.

(Via The Blaze)

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