Montana Lawmakers Are Trying To Stop An Armed Neo-Nazi Rally To Protest The State’s Jewish Citizens

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Montana lawmakers are warning followers of Alt-Right neo-Nazi leader Richard Spencer not to follow through with an armed rally meant to protest Jewish citizens from the state. This mess began earlier this month through targeted harassment of Jewish residents after a “call to action” by The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist outlet. The lawmakers say there will be “no safe haven” for those who join the rally.

The Daily Stormer website, which is filled with anti-Semitic imagery, somehow claims not to endorse violence. However, the call to action alleged that Spencer’s mother was being pressured to sell her building in Whitefish (a mountain ski town) all because of her son’s reputation. The article then called for an “old fashioned Troll Storm” while doxxing Montana’s Jewish citizens. This was followed by the threat of an armed rally: “We can easily march through the center of the town carrying high-powered rifles.”

No good can come of this, so Montana lawmakers are taking a bipartisan approach in an effort to shut this sh*t down:

The lawmakers include both Democrats and U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke, recently picked by Republican President-elect Donald Trump to be interior secretary.

“We say to those few who seek to publicize anti-Semitic views that they shall find no safe haven here,” Zinke wrote in an open letter also signed by Democratic Montana Governor Steve Bullock, U.S. senators Republican Steve Daines and Democrat Jon Tester, and Republican Attorney General Tim Fox.

Spencer (who became a household name after leading a “Heil Trump” salute during a post-election shindig), has also signaled his intent to run for Zinke’s seat in the event that he’s confirmed as Trump’s interior secretary. This practically guarantees a David Duke-styled meltdown during a future debate. In the meantime, Whitefish Police Chief Bill Dial told Reuters that law enforcement is monitoring those Jewish individuals and businesses who were doxxed during the rally call.

(Via Reuters)