The ‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Respond To Trump’s Conspiracy Theory Tweets: We ‘Are Not Intimidated’

On Wednesday, Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough broke his self-imposed Twitter silence on all things Donald Trump when the president indirectly accused him of murder on the platform. “Looks like I picked a good day to stop responding to Trump’s bizarre tweets,” the former Florida congressman said of his decision and Trump’s rantings. “He is not well.” Earling that morning, the president had transitioned from raving about Matt Lauer’s firing at NBC to Scarborough, an MSNBC employee, and the “unsolved mystery” of a former staffer’s death in 2001. During Thursday’s show, Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski responded.

While Scarborough looked on in silence, his co-host (and fiancée) said, “The president was tweeting yesterday about, among other things, the conspiracy theory about Joe being a murdered. We released a statement concerning the president’s tweet, in which he attacked Joe. I’ll read it because I wrote it.” All throughout, Scarborough remained silent and, at times, seemingly struggled to contain a smile. Brzezinski, however, remained serious: “Joe and I are not intimidated, and his bizarre behavior contravenes both the Constitution and basic moral judgment. This is all we’re going to say on the matter.”

Lori Klausutis was found dead behind her desk in Scarborough’s office. Investigators determined she had “lost consciousness because of an abnormal heart rhythm and fell, hitting her head on a desk.” Said fall ultimately killed her, but that didn’t stop various conspiracy theory websites and alternative outlets from regularly reviving the story as the Morning Joe program gained in popularity. Even Trump himself, a frequent detractor of Scarborough and Brzezinski’s show, has apparently bought into the conspiracy.