The U.S. Olympic Committee Orders USA’s Gymnastics Board To Resign Over The Nassar Case

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Following Larry Nassar’s up-to-175-year prison sentence, those entities that employed him are scrambling over the realization that he abused over 150 female athletes under their noses. Michigan State University (where Nassar maintained a sports medicine practice) is facing accusations that a dozen school representatives knew of allegations against Nassar for many years, and the university’s president has resigned amid the outcry. Now, the board of Team USA Gymnastics — which Aly Raisman has declared to be “rotting from the inside” — must do the same, or the sport may face decertification.

USA Today reports that the U.S. Olympic Committee has set out a list of conditions to be met by USA Gymnastics before it can continue as the sport’s national governing body. The biggest condition involves the entire board resigning by January 31. USOC CEO Scott Blackmun wrote that this must happen in order for a “fundamental rebuilding” to begin:

“We do not base these requirements on any knowledge that any individual USAG staff or board members had a role in fostering or obscuring Nassar’s actions. Our position comes from a clear sense that USAG culture needs fundamental rebuilding.”

Over the past few weeks, USA Gymnastics has lost several major sponsors over the Nassar scandal. Indeed, it’s unfathomable that one young gymnast felt no choice but to injure herself in order to avoid Nassar’s abuse that was disguised as “treatments.” His predatory behavior extends all the way back into the 1990s, and while the sport may now be taking action as a means of self-preservation, at least this will have the hopeful side effect of prevention.

(Via USA Today)