Gymnast Mattie Larson Purposely Injured Herself To Avoid Larry Nassar’s Sexual Abuse

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01.25.18 2 Comments

Ex-Team USA doctor Larry Nassar has been sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing at least 150 female athletes, but the saga is far from over. The morning-after reaction included Aly Raisman saying that she hopes Nassar suffers, and on GMA, 2010 floor exercise U.S. champion Mattie Larson told George Stephanopolous that she felt justice had been served. She also gave a harrowing account of how she purposely injured herself to avoid Nassar.

Larson described how she once splashed water on the bathroom floor at her parents’ house and deliberately slammed her head. By attempting to give herself a concussion, she managed to avoid attending a training camp for U.S. Olympic gymnasts, where Nassar sexually abused women and girls under the guise of “treatments.” This is a horrifying account:

“I was crying, panicking, didn’t want to go. I was taking a bath. It wasn’t even a hard decision in my mind. I just turned on survival mode. I banged my head as hard as I could to make sure that I got a bump and to make sure that my parents heard the bang.”

Stephanopolous asked why Larson — who described Nassar’s trail of abuse as “systemic” — didn’t seek help from her parents or other adults, and she responded that it didn’t seem possible. “It wasn’t an option for me, I didn’t know I could, I didn’t have a voice,” she said. “I was a shell of a child, I was empty.” On Tuesday, Larson also appeared in court, where she voiced her fury at the level of trust bestowed upon Nassar by other adults, and she directly faced him while declaring, “I can’t even put into words how much I f*cking hate you.”

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