A North Carolina Newspaper Trolls Gov. McCrory With A Special HB2-Themed Birthday Offering

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On Monday, grumpy North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory hit the big 6-0, and a huge birthday surprise awaited him in form of a full-page ad inside the Raleigh News & Observer. A group called Writers For A Progressive North Carolina wished McCrory a merry day by trolling him through his state’s anti-LGBT bathroom bill, HB2. The much maligned law bars trans people from using the bathroom of their choice, and while the state is one of many rebels against where-to-pee freedom, North Carolina has definitely led the charge.

McCrory has so vigorously defended this bill with bad jokes and lawsuits against the federal government that the group decided to have a little fun. Here are the fruits of their labor, which looks forward to the “real celebration” on November 8 “when North Carolina votes to move in a more progressive direction.” Who wouldn’t eat the hell out of this cake?

Free-thinking gestures like this one are exactly why McCrory wanted to reinstate discriminatory voting laws in North Carolina. The governor hasn’t yet responded to this carefully crafted birthday gift, but to be fair, he’s understandably distracted by the heinous firebombing of the NC GOP headquarters by an unknown party.

Some self-declared Democrats gathered thousands of dollars to help reopen the office. They did so despite the state’s efforts to hinder voting rights — both at polling places and via “racial gerrymandering” of districts — and to keep trans people from using the bathroom of their choice.

(Via Writers For A Progressive North Carolina & Charlotte Agenda)

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