A New Jersey Transit Train Crashes Into The Hoboken Station And Injures At Least 100 People

Chaos struck on Thursday morning in New Jersey when social media reports indicated a commuter train had crashed into the Hoboken station at around 8:30 a.m. EDT. CNN entered the story by confirming the existence of these crazy reports in the above video, which features a shaken witness describing the destruction. The New York Post swiftly reported that many are injured, and WSOC TV placed the number in the dozens. A live CNN report upped the number to at least 100 people injured with a witness reporting the train “just didn’t slow down.”

The station, which is near lower Manhattan, closed all transport into and out of the terminal while rescue efforts commenced. Part of the terminal’s roof collapsed as a result of the train striking multiple pillars, and a witness tells NBC News about the situation inside the terminal: “I saw a woman pinned under the concrete. A lot of people were bleeding, one guy was crying.” The cause of the crash isn’t yet known, although officials suspect operator error may have been a factor in a situation that NBC New York indicates may transform into a “mass-casualty situation.” CNN has confirmed one fatality so far.

This story is still in the earliest of phases, but the incoming photos and videos from Twitter look like an action movie.

This video shows the scene while rescue efforts commenced.

Here are some more photos of the damage, along with the errant train in the terminal.

(Via CNN, NBC News, NY Post, NBC New York and WSOC)