Obsessed: ‘The White Lotus,’ ‘Sex And The City,’ And Location As A Character

On the latest episode of Obsessed, our own pop culture gurus Taylour Chanel and Britt Ellis are breaking down the TV series and blockbuster films that are serving major wanderlust vibes. They’re diving into HBO’s surprise hit, The White Lotus — a show that mines all of the beauty of Hawaii, giving fans a gorgeous, enviable travel experience while slowly ramping up the drama, eventually building to a shocking finale that will have you questioning your own travel attitudes.

The ladies also dish on the legacy of another HBO mainstay, Sex and the City. With a sequel/reboot on the way, Taylour and Britt are exploring how the original series gave us a fantasy version of New York City — the clothes, the brownstones, the brunches — and how this new installment might keep things a bit more grounded with some much-needed diversity and views of neighborhoods that aren’t as posh as the Upper East Side. Of course, if you’re looking for the “real” New York, HBO’s Betty is always a good time. The show about an all-girls skate crew is fresh, authentic, and a must-watch for fans craving a different side of the city.

Finally, Britt and Taylour take us to Singapore, chatting all things Crazy Rich Asians. The hosts explore how the film used everything from the country’s beautiful landscapes to its love of food and stylish lifestyles to present an entirely different picture of Asian culture.

Warning: By the end of this show, you’ll have a few new places to add to your travel bucket list. Watch the full video above.